Methods of extraction and helium applications

Methods of extraction and application of helium

Application of helium

Helium is a colorless, odorless and tasteless, non-toxic and non-flammable gas. It is completely safe and cannot lead to any negative consequences. Therefore, it is ideal for filling airships and balloons.

Basically, this gas, possessing unique physical and chemical properties, is used in nuclear power, metallurgy (as a protective medium when smelting the purest metals), medicine, food industry (as a packing gas), household sphere, advertising business, utilities (as a tool for checking various pipelines). It is impossible to imagine the equipment of a modern scuba diver without it, because gas is used in cylinders for deep diving.

The most notable and popular use of helium is in the entertainment and entertainment industry. So, for example, it is difficult now to imagine the opening of an office of any large company without bright multi-colored corporate balloons filled with helium, from which whole compositions are created that contribute to the creation of a festive mood. Recently, helium has been used as a laughing gas, especially among young people.

Gas makes safe operation and maintenance of airships and other aeronautical vehicles, which makes it possible to make this type of air transport more accessible.

Helium is sold in cylinders with a volume of up to 40 liters, which is sufficient to fill about 500 balloons up to 30 centimeters in diameter. Trade organizations can deliver cylinders directly to the venue of the celebration or presentation. At the same time, the delivery process is strictly regulated and is carried out on special vehicles equipped in accordance with the safety rules for the use of high pressure cylinders.