As you know, helium of grade A is the most volatile of inert gases, developed according to the TU-51-940-80 protocol. Due to its volatility, it has been used in industry for over 100 years. The gas is monoatomic and colorless and odorless. The molecules are distinguished by a very small energy index, due to which they practically do not interact with each other, hence such impressive inert properties are taken from. Because of such interesting indicators, many scientists consider helium to be a unique gas, which is very close to ideal in properties.


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Helium grade A - 40 l
Helium grade A – 40 l
The cost: 11 500 rub
Availability: In stock
Helium volume: 5.7 m3
Pressure: 150 atm at 20 °
GOST, TU: TU 027-135-31323949-2005
General characteristics

Most often, grade A helium is used for arc welding of metals, especially for welding magnesium and its alloys. The welding process cannot be carried out in the open air – it is necessary to protect metals from interaction with oxygen and other gases. In such cases, a special secure environment is created where the workflow takes place. There is no gas more convenient for filling a protected environment than helium.


Metric nameVolume fraction,%Volume fraction,%
Helium (He) at least 99,995
Nitrogen (N2) no more 0.0005
Hydrogen (H2) no more 0.0001
SB 2 + SB no more 0.0002
Hydrocarbons (CH4) no more 0.0001
Oxygen + Argon (O 2 + Ar) no more 0.0001
Water vapor no more 0.0005
Neon (Ne) no more 0.004

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