Helium balloon (10 l)

Helium is transported in special cylinders designed for its storage. These vessels are made according to certain standards and are safe for the environment.

You can purchase these vessels from the Techmed company, namely empty or filled 40, 20 and 10 liter cylinders.

Helium balloon (10 l)

Prices and goods

Helium balloon (10 l)
Helium balloon (10 l)
The cost: 3 800 rub
Availability: In stock
GOST, TU: GOST 949-73
General characteristics

Also, a 10-liter tank can be rented if helium is required exclusively for seasonal use or for a short period. The company provides delivery across the territory of Russia and the CIS countries. All tanks have been tested and have the necessary documents and certificates of compliance with the norms of Russian legislation.

The cylinder used for storing and transporting helium must comply with the standards of GOST 949-73 “Steel cylinders of small and medium volume for gases at P <19.6 MPa (200 kgf / cm2)”. Today, the most popular are cylinders with a capacity of 10, 25 and 40 liters, which are made of carbon steel. Alloy steel tanks also exist. They are lighter than usual and slightly shorter.


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