Liquid helium

Liquid helium is widely used in the field of high technology due to its exceptional properties. So, superconducting elements of liquid helium, when exposed to temperature, begin to conduct electricity much better and create a powerful magnetic field without additional heating. Thus, helium has found wide application in nuclear magnetic resonance experiments and in magnetic resonance imaging.

Liquid helium

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Liquid helium (from 250 l)
Liquid helium (from 250 l)
Cost per kg (retail): 11 290 rub / kg
Cost per kg (wholesale): RUB 10,700 / kg
Cost per liter (retail): 1 400 RUB / liter
Price per liter (wholesale): 1,330 RUB / liter
Availability: In stock
GOST, TU: TU 51 - 224 - 84 (as amended 1,2,3)
General characteristics

Helium evaporates at a relatively low temperature, but it conducts heat well. It is for this reason that much attention is paid to the thermal insulation of Dewars. If the vacuum insulation is damaged, helium can enter the cavity and cause an explosion. To prevent such an incident, another layer is placed in the vacuum cavity of the cylinder, which is cooled with nitrogen (at a temperature of 77K). Such a “nitrogen jacket” can significantly reduce the loss of gas for evaporation and reduce the exchange of heat between the atmosphere and helium.


Liquid helium application


To create cryo-liquids and maintain low temperatures in them;

To reduce the temperature of superconducting magnets;

In dissolution cryostats;

For use in scanning microscopes;

In charged particle accelerators (for example, the Large Hadron Collider);

In cryogenic machines;

In medical technology.

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