Helium grade 6.0

Helium in a compressed state of high purity grade 6.0 is a substance that contains 99.999% of gas (i.e., with an impurity content of no more than 0.00001%). This odorless and colorless substance is effectively used in high-tech processes (laser technology, chromatography, welding, etc.), in which the presence of ordinary air can adversely affect a particular operation.

Helium grade 6.0

Prices and goods

Helium grade 6.0 - 40 l
Helium grade 6.0 – 40 l
The cost: 16 800 rub
Availability: In stock
Helium volume: 5.7 m3
Pressure: 150 atm at 20 °
GOST, TU: TU 027-135-31323949-2005 with rev. 1
General characteristics

The property of helium not to form chemical compounds and not to dissolve in the weld pool allows the metal to be melted evenly. In this case, the composition of the metal in the weld changes slightly. Helium mixed with argon provides good metal penetration and weld formation and significantly reduces spatter. To achieve a clean seam, it is necessary to use only high-quality electrode wire and monitor the cleanliness of the surfaces to be welded.


Indicator nameVolume fraction,%Volume fraction,%
Helium (He) at least 99,9999
Volume fraction of oxygen + argon no more 0,000015
Volume fraction of neon no more 0,000015
Nitrogen volume fraction no more 0,000045
Volume fraction CO 2 + CO no more 0,0001
Volume fraction of hydrogen no more 0,000005
Volume fraction of water vapor no more 0,0002
Methane by volume no more 0,00001

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