О компании «Техмед»

Research and Production Association TechMed is a leader in the production and sale of industrial gases in Moscow. The priority area in our work is wholesale and retail trade in gases.

Our company combines industrial facilities, research laboratories, design bureaus, installation and commissioning teams. Together with highly qualified specialists, this gives us the opportunity to take one of the leading places in the country for the production and sale of technical gases.

The scientific ties of our association (and we cooperate with Ukrainian colleagues, scientists from Moscow, Dubai, Orenburg and Yekaterinburg) allow us to constantly develop, open up new opportunities for obtaining technical gases. A significant proportion of our gas products are delivered directly to consumer enterprises – representatives of the laser, electronic, medical and other industries.

Constantly updated own production facilities allow us to set relatively low prices, providing consumers with high quality products. We fulfill orders for the supply of rare gases or gas mixtures with high quality and on time

Our certifications