Record jump with parachute

Record parachute jump

October 14, 2012 has become a truly historic date. On this day, information about the outstanding space parachute jump of the famous Austrian Felix Baumgartner spread around the world. World newspaper, television, radio media, as well as Internet resources are full of sensational details of a ten-minute fall of a man from near space. People on all continents, with bated breath, watched the rise on the stratospheric balloon and fearless fall from a height of almost 40 kilometers of this great man.

Red Bull Stratos

In the course of an unprecedented, dangerous experiment, three world records were broken – the highest ascent on the stratospheric balloon (38.6 km), the highest free fall speed and the highest free fall height.

According to some information, which is being tested and refined, the athlete became the first person to overcome the sound barrier in free fall, i.e. speed over 1100 km / h.

According to Baumgartner himself, it was not very important for him to set any records. Throughout his life, he strove to find new sensations, and skydiving from great heights allowed him to get the whole range of such experiences.

Long before his historic leap, Felix became famous for making sensational experiments: jumping from airplanes, the largest skyscrapers, and mountain ranges. Sometimes this happened contrary to the legal requirements of the authorities, and the athlete even had problems about this.

At the age of 43, Baumgartner decided to end risky experiments with an extraordinary final leap from space.

Феликс Баумгартнер

For this, a lot of preparatory work has been done, in which special attention has been paid to equipment and equipment. A special stratospheric balloon filled with helium lifted the hero to a height of 38.6 km, after which Felix decided on a record parachute jump, which was deployed only 1500 meters from the earth’s surface. The jump lasted only 5 minutes.

The stratospheric balloon, which raised the Austrian to a record height, did not return to earth and, perhaps, he still flies in outer space as a monument to the great feat of a fearless man.